Social Semantic Web: Interview with EuropeanaTech

By gretchen | May 16, 2013

Last week, EuropeanaTech released two major new documents. Today’s blog looks at the work and the people behind one of them, interviewing Maarten Brinkerink and Marlies Olensky.

First of all though – a quick look at the two new documents.

The first, titled, ‘Core Inventory of FLOSS in the Cultural Heritage Domain, second iteration‘ analyses the Free/Libre and Open-Source Software landscape and provides a baseline for the development of innovative applications in the Europeana Network.

The second, called ‘Functional specifications for social semantic functions‘ is the first step in a process of building two prototypes that will articulate user-generated metadata with semantic functions in Europeana v2.0’s R&D work package. It provides functional specifications and a description of prototypes. To find out what that’s all about, we’ve spoken to two of the minds behind it.

Read full post here. (Originally posted on May 10, 2013)