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Google and edX Create a MOOC Site for the Rest of Us–Wired Campus–The Chronicle of Higher Education

By gretchen | September 11, 2013

by Steve Kolowich Until now, massive open online courses have mostly reinforced existing hierarchies in higher education. MOOC providers have recruited elite institutions and offered them and their professors the opportunity to broadcast their courses to the world. But now edX, a nonprofit provider founded by Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is joining […]

Reference cultures in Europe – Major European research grant awarded

By gretchen | May 13, 2013

How did the large and cultural powerful countries Britain, France, and Germany influence public debates in smaller countries like the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg? Cultural historians and digital humanists at UCL and the universities of Utrecht and Trier will address this question in the new research project Asymmetrical Encounters: E-Humanity Approaches to Reference Cultures in Europe, […]

Click to save the nation’s digital memory

By gretchen | April 15, 2013

Six major libraries poised to capture the digital universe, including the entire UK web domain Regulations coming into force on 6 April will enable six major libraries to collect, preserve and provide long term access to the increasing proportion of the nation’s cultural and intellectual output that appears in digital form – including blogs, e-books […]

Europe’s Fashion History, Just a Click Away

By gretchen | February 22, 2013

By Liza Foreman An ambitious fashion archive is being readied for its debut May 2, when Europeana Fashion will go online with about 100,000 digital elements from 22 European museums and institutions — a gallery ranging from a 1921 embroidered dress by Madeleine Vionnet to a Diana Vreeland letter to the designer Emilio Pucci. The project’s […]

Has the Great Library of Timbuktu Been Lost?

By gretchen | January 31, 2013

By Lila Azam Zanganeh As the desert inches south into the city of Timbuktu, the sand settles on your skin and the air feels heavy in your lungs. When I travelled there nine years ago, the mythical city, home to the shrines of three hundred and thirty-three Sufi saints, left a bleak impression, tempered only […]

World History Through Newspapers

By gretchen | January 31, 2013

FULL ARCHIVES OF FINANCIAL TIMES AND TIMES OF LONDON NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE Hundreds of years of reporting from two of the world’s great newspapers can now be accessed online via the Concordia University Libraries web-based collections. The Financial Times Historical Archive (1888 – March 2009) and the Times Digital Archive 1986-2006 are among the many significant online resources, newly acquired with funds made […]

Update on the Twitter Archive at the Library of Congress

By gretchen | January 22, 2013

by Erin Allen (The following is a guest post from the Library’s Director of Communications, Gayle Osterberg.) An element of our mission at the Library of Congress is to collect the story of America and to acquire collections that will have research value. So when the Library had the opportunity to acquire an archive from the […]

“Manuscripta juridica”

By gretchen | October 30, 2012

Scope of the data base The data base aims at providing a census of handwritten texts (as many as possible) of juridical literature from past times. At present, the main focus is on texts in Latin, and predominantly texts from medieval times before the invention of the printing press. However, the data base also accommodates […]

Ditch the Monograph

By gretchen | October 25, 2012

By Jennifer Howard A historian or anthropologist spends years working on a monograph, bulking up an argument. A scholarly publisher takes more years to shepherd that argument into print. Meanwhile, academic libraries have ever-smaller amounts of money and space to lavish on such books, which often have more pages than they have readers. What if […]

Mining the treasures of Trove

By gretchen | April 6, 2012

In February I made a quick dash to Melbourne to talk at VALA2012.

The paper I originally submitt…