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Mapping Books: The Dispersal of the Medieval Libraries of Great Britain

By gretchen | November 15, 2013

by Mitch Fraas Today I’m teaching a workshop on using “screen scraping” in the digital humanities. No workshop is really useful without practical examples so last week I decided to try out my screen scraping chops on an exciting  new database of book history data. The Kislak Center at Penn (where I’m Scholar in Residence) is quickly becoming […]

Automating Extracting GIS Data from Scanned Maps – GIS Lounge

By gretchen | November 8, 2013

by Caitlin Dempsey he New York Public Library Labs (NYPL Labs) has posted on Github the code to its open source map-vectorizer project.  NYPL Lab’s map-vectorizer project is seeking to automate (“like OCR for maps”) the process of extracting polygon and attribute information from old scanned maps.  The code was developed with the purpose of extracting building information from […]

Revue Presse: Guerre 14-18. La Suisse en cartes postales

By gretchen | November 1, 2013

by Lyonel Kaufmann Ce site explore l’histoire de la Suisse durant la Première Guerre mondiale à travers la collection des cartes postales de la Bibliothèque nationale. Cette période reste méconnue : épargnée par le conflit militaire, la Suisse n’échappe pourtant pas à l’irradiation générale provoquée par la Grande Guerre. Ses champs politiques, culturels et économiques ont […]

Les mots croisés vénitiens

By gretchen | October 24, 2013

by  Frederic Kaplan J’étais la semaine dernière à Venise pour l’organisation de la première école doctorale entre l’Université Ca’Foscari et l’EPFL. Une petite trentaine d’étudiants des sciences historiques et des sciences de l’information ont pu travailler en groupe autour de projets liés à la Venice Time Machine. Nous avons créé un site web dédié à cet évènement. J’ai […]

Forced Labour, Five Tours on Berlin History « Museummedia

By gretchen | October 14, 2013

“Forced Labour.The Testimony App” offers five tours which take you through forced labour in Berlin. Witnesses tell of factories and forced labourers camps. You can follow their path with a multimedia guide either on foot, by bicycle or with the Berlin S-Bahn. Download the tours in Wifi and experience the everyday life of forced labourers throughout Berlin. […]

1916 Rising digital-archiving project: TCD calls on public to upload old letters and photos

By gretchen | September 26, 2013

by Carmel Doyle In what is being described as a ‘digital collection’ of letters, a new crowdsourced history project is launching at Trinity College Dublin (TCD) this week. The goal is to get the public to upload online any letters and photographs they may have stashed away from around the time of Ireland’s Easter Rising in […]

Pelagios: Pelagios Chapter 3: Early Geospatial Documents

By gretchen | September 26, 2013

A few weeks ago we trailed that we had some exciting news and now we can finally announce it. Thanks to the generosity of The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Pelagios is entering a third, even more ambitious phase. We will be extending the Pelagios approach to all early geospatial documents up to 1492 (a game-changing year […]

Initial findings from survey of discoverability of digitised collections : JISC Digitisation and Content Programme

By gretchen | September 26, 2013

by Paola Marchionni Some of the initial findings of the web-based assessment of the discoverability of digitised collections are now available, as part of the Spotlight project. The Discoverability Diagnosis, which we mentioned in the previous blog post, is one of the key activities the Spotlight project is undertaking. It consists of an assessment of about 150 collections that […]

Archives, practices and paper: thoughts from Munich, Early Modern Post

By gretchen | September 26, 2013

by Elizabeth Williamson I’m writing this blog on the plane home from Munich, where I’ve been at a conference for the last few days. I was invited by the lovely Prof. Markus Friedrich, who was on the same panel as me at The Permissive Archive, to give a paper at the ‘Frühneuzeittag’, or annual meeting of Germany’s […]

Mittwochstipp 11: Der »Salle des inventaires virtuelle« des französischen Nationalarchivs

By gretchen | September 26, 2013

by Sven Ködel Nach dem Umzug eines Teils der Bestände derArchives nationales an den neuen Standort in Pierrefitte-sur-Seine ist nun auch die endgültige Version des neuen Internetauftritts online gegangen. Kernstück ist der Salle des inventaires virtuelle (SIV), der die Archivrecherche und den Zugang zu den archivarischen Quellen erleichtern soll. Darin stehen aktuell ca. 11.000 Rechercheinstrumente (Inventare, Datenbanken usw.) online […]