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HistoGlobe: Geschichtsunterricht in 3D | Gründerszene

By gretchen | November 8, 2013

by Maximilian Heimstaedt Im Klassenraum starren Schüler widerwillig auf abgewetzte Wandkarten – zu Hause können sie ihre Blicke kaum von Smartphone, Tablet-PC und Laptop lösen. Das Team von HistoGlobe hat die Zeichen der Zeit erkannt und sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, Geschichte zu beleben und in 3D erlebbar zu machen. Das sechsköpfige Team aus Weimar ist sich sicher: Geschichte, […]

Learning by Doing: Labs and Pedagogy in the Digital Humanities

By gretchen | February 13, 2013

by Cameron Blevins The digital humanities adore labs. Labs both symbolize and enable many of the field’s overarching themes: interdisciplinary teamwork, making/building, and the computing process itself. Labs give digital humanists a science-y legitimation that, whether we admit it or not, we find appealing. Labs aren’t necessary for doing digital humanities research, but in terms of infrastructure, […]

Announcing Participad

By gretchen | October 31, 2012

By Amanda French It’s long been the practice at THATCamp to use Google Docs to take notes on sessions; with Google Docs, everyone who’s in a particular session can contribute to the notes. Some really terrific documents and sets of notes have been produced this way — see for instance “Brainstorming a Digital Humanities Creator […]

What Does Digital Humanities Bring to the Table?

By gretchen | September 27, 2012

By Michael J. Kramer Using the spreadsheet to connect evidence to argument For most humanists, spreadsheets makes their eyes glaze over. There is even an ominous sense of imprisonment: one must literally put ideas into cell blocks. The database would seem to limit the subtlety and dexterity of humanistic analysis in problematic ways. It insists […]